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Daniel Hoff Agency CA (323) 923-2500 Commerical, Print

Studio Talent Group (CA) (310) 393-8004 AFTRA, Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Models, Print, Product Print, SAG, Theatrical  

Ann Wright Representatives, Inc. (NY) (212) 764-6770 AFTRA, Commercial, Equity, SAG, Theatrical


Federal                                                        Agent Fields (supporting)                                Sufe Bradshaw

Best Part of Breaking Up                                     Summer (supporting)                                     Umari Jason

Three Thieves                                            Gretchen (supporting)                                     Leighton Leib

Trained                                                                Monica (lead)                                                    Jon Goff

Grasslands                                                 Lisa (supporting)                                                Chris Raffaele

Pro Black Sheep                                           Dina (lead)                                                 Clayton Broomes

Apartment 309                                            April (lead)                                                 C.S. Vernon


In Response                                                   Sarah                        Towne Street Theatre

Reservoir Bitch's                                               Holdaway                            Tre Stages

A Day at the Beach                                       Chrissy                        Producers Club

The Newlywed Game                                         Maria                               Producers Club

Love, Greed, & the Pursuit of

Happiness                                                      Annabelle                   Producers Club

Pasta & Pigskin                                              Tina                           Producers Club


B.A.- School of Communications & Theater at Temple University

Improv - United Citizens Brigade

Killians Workshop- Adult Commercial Class

Scene Study – Ivana Chubbuck, Bobbie Chance

Commercial Technique – James Levine

Auditioning for Primetime TV – Ani Avetyan



Dialects - Southern, Spanish, Brooklyn, New York

Dance - 10 yrs Ballet, Jazz, Modern,  & Hip-Hop

Swimming – Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, Freestyle

Yoga, Pilates, Tennis, Boxing, Jogging, Sprinting, Bicycling, Badminton, Hiking, Fishing, Baseball, Cheerleading, Double-Dutch, Jump Rope, Jet-Skiing, Bowling, Baseball, Football, Gulf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hiking, Kickboxing, Ping-Pong, Racquetball, Soccer, Softball, Trampoline, Wrestling, Handgun, Certified Bartender